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San Francisco! San Francisco is one of the most magical cities in the universe. . . the City by the Bay. The City has always been culturally diverse and rich from the earliest days. Live and let live is the motto. Things that happen, here, will eventually have an impact on people all across the nation and the world. It sets the pace. It creates the change. It sets the norm in finance, politics, education, science, medicine, commerce, and fashion.

For those who have never been to San Francisco (the City), the City is divided into many neighborhoods. VOYGRQuest has chosen the Castro, Mission District, South of Market, Polk Street, Downtown, Haight and Fillmore districts as the major concentration of activity that our user's might be interested in. It is not our intention to leave anything out from the surrounding areas, however.

Ground transportation and the public transit system in the City is plentiful from taxi's, buses, cable cars, trains (MUNI), and BART (BART=Bay Area Rapid Transit and is one of the most successful subway transit systems in the world). It is easy to get around without a car; and, it is not expensive using the public transit system including taxi's.

Have an enjoyable trip to the City. Memories will be in the making for certain. If you would care to share your experiences with us and our user's or have a suggestion of a place to visit, send us an email.

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