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Studio City is a district in the San Fernando Valley just north of Los Angeles. Studio City earned its name in the 1920s when Mack Sennett (Michael (or Micheal) Sinnott), better known as Mack Sennett, was an innovator of slapstick comedy in film.

Born in Richmond, Quebec, Sennett was a son of Irish immigrants. Sennett was a singer, dancer, clown, actor, set designer and director for Biograph, and founded 38 acre Keystone Studios (in 1912 together with Adam Kessel. Many important actors were discovered by him and started their career at Keystone. Those include Charlie Chaplin, Raymond Griffith, Gloria Swanson, Ford Sterling, the Keystone Kops and many more.

Sennett's soundstages are still in use by CBS. Although he was the first to get a talkie short subject in theatre's in 1928 and experimented with color. The later silents talkies from Keystone were of poor quality.
In the early 1930's many of the "stars" that Sennett had discovered him, including Bing Crosby, had deserted him for greener pastures. Facing bankruptcy, he was no longer in film and sold his backlog of films to Warner Bros, which used the films for occasional stock footage and, basically destroyed the films.
Sennett died in Woodland Hills on November 5, 1960. Today, not many people have seen his films but know of the Keystone Cops and the contribution's he made to the industry. He is a legend!

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